SAXON programme


The SAXON Early Learning Program provides a comprehensive educational plan containing highly motivating activities. It provides children with encouraging first experiences in the school setting as well as an enjoyable introduction to the basic concepts that affect their lives. On a daily basis, children observe, ask, discuss and participate. They learn about behavior and work with others and become attuned to class routines and expectations. The program builds a strong foundation for developing beginner literacy with activities that build phonetic awareness and familiarize children with the relationship between letters and voices.

Children's needs and abilities are fully respected in the SAXON Early Learning Program. Children progress through a combination of a predictable routine, a safe and comfortable environment and high expectations. Exposure to many interesting concepts, coupled with a strong emphasis on language development, oral expression and classroom discussions, improves vocabulary acquisition and dissemination in children, enhances their self-esteem and confidence and prepares them for later school success.

The SAXON Early Learning Program is professionally designed to combine these areas of development with elements of moral education to meet all the needs of the child.

Areas of learning and development

Language of arts and literacy
My environment
Health and safety
Personal and social development
Physical development
Applied technology
Moral education