Richmond Park Preschool allows each child to flourish in their own way. We believe that early childhood is the perfect period in the lives of children to integrate skills that will help them successfully cope with all of life's challenges and grow into humane and civilized citizens that family and friends will be proud of in the future, as well as society as a whole.

In our school, children will develop English speaking skills, self-esteem, self-care, independence, creativity, self-esteem, respect for others, critical thinking, and strong cognitive and social skills. They will learn good behavior, sharing skills and, through fun activities, tailored to the age of her children, will prepare for primary school education.


The cooperative relationships of parents and educators help us build a solid foundation for our little ones, which is necessary for their further education. We strive for innovation in everything we do, involve parents in their children's educational work, and foster a strong parent / child / educator relationship. The caregivers provide a weekly report for each child as well as a report on the child's developmental progress. We share useful information related to the development, education and upbringing of children, and actively seek parental involvement and commitment. Parents are always welcome to visit their child's study room and are encouraged to communicate with their child's caregivers on parental information. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our parents, which can help us in improving the educational process.


We believe that investing in educators is the best way to guarantee high quality education. We provide a stimulating environment for a professional team of educators, who fosters new and brilliant ideas and constantly cultivates professional growth. Our main educators must have a four-year bachelor's degree or college education, while our assistants are students of higher education institutions for pre-school education, with very rich and long experience.

Both educators must speak English. When hiring educators at Richmond Park Preschool, every step is taken carefully, from interviews and selection processes to jobs required by the education group, as well as continuing education, to make sure we select the best preschool professionals and to help them maintain at the top of their professional field.

The caregiver to child ratio (2:20) allows our experienced, professional, certified educators and our experienced and caring assistants to focus on each child's physical and mental development. Our educators are committed to their calling; they love children, and by supporting each child's early success, they feel personal satisfaction. For our educators, children always come first.