Early Education


Our high quality early education takes place in a comfortable environment that promotes active learning through play. The caregiver to child ratio (2:20) allows our experienced, professional, certified educators and our experienced and caring assistants to focus on each child's physical and mental development. In our kindergarten, we provide high-quality preschool education through small group activities in an environment that is structured, challenging, caring and well organized with respect to the child's interests in the learning centers, which are further filled with bright, basic colors, and a variety of manipulative materials, where children experiment, explore, play and share.


The aims and objectives of the Institution fit into the general objectives of preschool education, which is to ensure optimal conditions for physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and successful further education of children in accordance with scientific achievements. This means that our primary objective is preserving the physical and mental health of the child, to encourage the integrity of the development of all functions, abilities and possibilities in accordance with the scientific knowledge and laws of child development, to contribute to the overall development of the child's personality and quality of life.

Groups for all ages

Younger nursery group (1-2), Older nursery group (2-3), Younger age group (3-4.5), Older age group (4.5-6)

Healthy and nutritious meals

Breakfast, lunch and two snacks

Outdoor space

The preschool has a fantastic outdoor space that we use every afternoon throughout the year to not only allow children to play and enjoy the fresh air, but also to explore the world around them.

Working hours

6:30h - 16:30h


Programme directions

Creating and developing positive socio-emotional relationships
Encouraging spontaneous children's activities
Maintaining and strengthening children's health
Formation of elementary hygienic and other habits
Proper development of the child's organism
Development of motor skills and physical abilities of the child
Enriching children's experience of people, objects and phenomena from the child's immediate environment
Development of mathematical concepts and relations
Development of speech and other forms of self-expression
Development of intellectual and moral abilities, etc.

Extended and fun activities

Educational & fun trips
Playful birthday parties
Cooking projects
Creative, themed workshops for children and parents, as well as workshops for moral education for children and parents
Special Friday
Extended and fun activities
Selected educational films
Sensory activities
"Practical life" activities

Programming for a certain age group is done in accordance with the operational plan and program of the Institution, general educational objectives and orientation programs for a certain age of children, as well as the characteristics of the educational group and individual needs of children. Older and younger age groups work according to the principle of the SAXON programme. During the year, different topics will cover all domains of children's reality and children's interests, as well as all developmental tasks of a certain age.