Clubs Primary

The education system is robust and does not give much space for each student to reach their full potential, to express their creativity and to advance in the field they love most. School is not just a place where we acquire knowledge, it is a place where we find ourselves and our interests too. In this regard, we have provided various clubs, where in addition to learning new things, you can find lots of fun, recreational content and most importantly socializing. We have something for everyone, it is up to the students to choose what they like.

Richmond Park International Primary School offers the following clubs: Science Club, Cooking Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Traffic Club, Drama Club, Volleyball Club, Dance Club, ICT Club, German Language Club, Book Club and Music Club. Clubs are selected at the beginning of the school year. Students may be members of more than one club if the timing does not overlap. Each club has a plan and program and rules of conduct. The students are committed to respecting them and striving to implement the activity plan.


Science Club
A place for students interested in studying science through a variety of experiments and activities.


Cooking Club
Knowing how to cook is an important and valuable skill. Food brings people together, the goal is not only to socialize but also to learn how to prepare healthy and delicious meals.


Arts and Crafts Club
In this club, students have the opportunity to use various materials to make different shapes, collages, decorations and thus show their creativity.


Traffic Club
An educational and entertainment club where students learn about road safety.


Drama Club
Designed for students who want to learn more about aspects of theater.


Volleyball Club
It is based on the psychophysical development of children through socializing and active play.


Dance Club
Fun-recreational activity for students that teaches them rhythmic body movements and improving motor skills and movement coordination.


ICT Club
Programming in a fun way - Code Monkey online.


German Language Club
An educational activity in which students learn a new foreign language in a fun way.


Book Club
At the book club, students are introduced to the world of books in a different way, they complete their love of reading, develop critical thinking and try to apply the lessons they learn in everyday life.


Music Club
Educational-entertaining club in which students learn to play musical instruments.